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Flip Thier Hair
[20 Oct 2010|01:43am]
[ mood | indifferent ]

 learning how to be happy with me again.. its what the cool kids are doing..

Flip Thier Hair
so i have a dilemma.. [21 May 2010|11:27pm]
  sooo.... i really like this girl i met roughly 2 months ago , at dinah shore,  but she live in san diego.. but on the other hand she love life and i love hers.. not my typical type.. but were great together

and i have this other girl .. we'll call her deborah .. i liked her went we met a year ago.. but we quickly became friends.. and have been friends ever since .. till about a week ago and she decided she liked me.. so that might be a problem..
so yeah

Flip Thier Hair
OMG!! [07 May 2010|12:37am]
[ mood | amused ]

LJ i miss you!
thoroughly happy no one uses this anymore

Flip Thier Hair
baq to square one [24 Jan 2006|11:36pm]
[ mood | emo ]

it really sucks when u have to lie to soemone about your feelings towards them to save yourself from being hurt, and then they sound happy

2 Flip Thier Hair
[03 Dec 2005|06:42pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i swear i hate boyz especially boys with the name eric =(

Flip Thier Hair
[26 Aug 2005|11:18pm]
hey hey hey just thought i'd let u LJ kids know about how work is going... well its great , it keeps me really busy ( i have 40 hrs this week =/ ), the ppls r great their soo nice and the guys r really hot =P!! but everyone is liek 18-21 im like the youngest there but what ev its cool for sure they dont treat me like im young though which is cool , i get paid a lot compared to other grocery store box girls

the only thing i really hate is carts well at least during the day , when the sun goes down its not at all , but if the sun is up omfg u get soo hot and sweaty and u have to wear the gayest vest ever its liek bright highligher green, its sooo gross!!!

the ppl there r sooo wierd, i had a lady today thanking the trees for letting her use the paper bag it was sooo funny me and the Bri were about to crack up it was sooo wierd

2 Flip Thier Hair
[09 Aug 2005|07:22pm]
[ mood | busy ]

hey kiddies, wow i havent been on this thingy om a long ass time , well life is all good, i got invited to be a forgien exchange student, for liek 20 days , in italy and france , which i think is totally awesome =DD, and i really wanna do , hahah i dont think theres a drinking age in italy =P!! + hanging out with hot european boys im down =DD

im going to palm springs this weekend, for tanning and shopping , i guess according to my hairdresser palm springs has one of the best outlets malls EVER!! which im like hella excited 4 , then pretty much as soon as i get home from palm springs i got to disneyland till wedsnesday with my amiga =D

OMG i have a job 2, at whole foods in woodland hills ( on ventura and cangoa) ya think im training next week soo ya thats exciting,i make bank =D , ya i think after the first few months im going shopping at south coast plaza( in newport) my fav mall ,it has everything u could imagine(Jimmy choo, Chanel, Louis V, Lacoste, Coach, Nordstroms, Macy's, Dior, Mac,and a bunch of other stores aww o how i ♥ it )

Flip Thier Hair
snowboarding [05 Mar 2005|10:13pm]
yesterday i got out of school ealry cuz i had a hair appt , cuz im just that cool...( a lot of ppl on mon. r gonna be really suprised) =P uumm then i was supose to go to the movies with nelson but i couldn't, because after all i could go snowboarding and we had to leave for snowboarding at like 5:30 in the morning. OMG i liek only got 5 hrs of sleep , man i felt like i couldn't function.. OMG the snow KICK MY ASS TOTALLY.. haha but it was fun i mean after a while i got the hang of it but haha i liek only went on liek the really easy slopes, my head is throbbing still.... aghhh waiting for the medicing to kick in =( my knees are hot pink their gonna be soo brused in the moring .................it was soo worth it though!! =D

1 Flip Thier Hair
[24 Feb 2005|08:09pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

OMFG i can't believe my self i like SWOOP..=DDDDDD!!!! we even matched today aww !!

well as most know i can't go to spring formal which really sux cuz i really looking forward to it but ya i have a church retreat to go to ya !! SNOW =DDDD ya i get to get out of school early cuz of the retreat =) it's -G

OMG hehe god wrote me ,patty, and Nat songs there soo kool i liek nats mines ok but it has a good beat mine and pattys kinda sound the same but nats is like totally GANGSTA

OO it was soo nice Ed brought me purple roses on Wednesday , it was kinda a make up for Valentines day thei soooooo pretty =DDDD

2 Flip Thier Hair
[14 Feb 2005|06:10pm]
never thought i could be so confused .......

Flip Thier Hair
[09 Feb 2005|07:18pm]
YAAA!!!! Spring Formal!!!!! this dance is gonna rock my sox!! the only problem is that  im supose to leave for a retreat with my church that evening but im gonna c if i can leave early the next morning, so then i can go to Spring Formal and  still go to the retreat =D even though im gonna be hella tired  but-whatever...............

1 Flip Thier Hair
[08 Feb 2005|07:56pm]
EVERY ONE do this

http://www.crush007.com/love.cgi?id=1107918247yyr it seriously works really good . it worked fo me !!!!!!!!!=D

1 Flip Thier Hair
[06 Feb 2005|02:02pm]
it's offical i have the BUG , ugh the only prob is that i can't drive legally yet, but thats all changing in APRIL 21st (PATTY's B-DAY)  if i pass

My parents bought my sis a white convertable 92' Mustang  aww it's  soo HAWT.. it has like a V8 too so i guess that means it's fast, but im happy  with MY BUG it's all pimped out and such
YA i think for my birthday my dads getting and alarm  and the windshield wipers fixed, on it =D

Today im seeing Phantom of the Opera for the 3rd time oo man it's soo good

3 Flip Thier Hair
[30 Jan 2005|11:00am]
wow last night was soo F'n fun

first we went bowling that was fun umm it was cory Bryan me and patty
we came back  to my house umm my parents were going out to a club for the night, then jenny came over and joined our group, my parents left with ther onturage  . from there it just got better hhahahah
"jenny I <3 u" patty,  thanks 4 kickn' the boys out other wise they would stilll be here hahahahahahahaha and lot of other things =P!!! if u weren't there i would be in deep shit =D! soo thanx=D

Patty thanks for the umm.... "poopie!!" hahaha

Cory thanks for umm nothing....... jerk hehehe letting me bowl for u hawhawhaw hawhawhaw  Y jajajajajaja

Bryan thank for the "water" or "special snapple" the hot tub experience hah can't wait to c the pictures hahaha there gonna be soo stupid

3 Flip Thier Hair
[28 Jan 2005|06:41pm]
this weekend it either gonna be totally bad ass or fucked up, soo we'll see how it goes....

oo sux i have to get my wisdom teeth taken out kinda soon, if they stay in much longer it will fuck up my teeth, im really nervous!!! =/

me and kelli r becomming good friends again i am soo happy =D !!

ahahha P+R Forever ahahahahahahahahahaahahah seceretly C+P hahahahahh

wat a douche, finals.....

Flip Thier Hair
[23 Jan 2005|11:34am]

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4 Flip Thier Hair
[23 Jan 2005|12:55am]
earlier tonight was funn, me cory and bryan went to northrigde mall and movies we saw coach carter it was good it was so funny cory didn't sit with us because he was pissed at us and me and bryan were like making fun of ppl in the movie it was soo much fun, then we came back home and were making plans for next SAT it's gonna be the best ever .....

Flip Thier Hair
Pretty funn weekend [18 Jan 2005|09:45pm]
[ mood | busy ]

FUNN weekend
SAt attempted to pull an all-nighter hehehehe with cory and bryan hahahaha goodtimes=DDDDD!! wow red bulls are the shit!!!
SUN patty me nat jenny bryan and cory went to red robin , bryan left, then we like ended up playing hide and go seek/ tag hahaha that was fun but like ppl were staring at us , cory told bryan that i was lie in love with his friend he was with , which i do admitt saying that his friend was HAWT, then bryan told his friend i like wanted to liek give him head or something,and so i called Bryan to try and staighten it out you know , but like his friend answered bryan's phone, and wow it was an interesting convo.

then everyone ended up at my house and we were all chillen at my house and bryan comes home with his friend and i guess bryan bought us all ROCKSTAR enery drinks, his friend was soo hot and had a really nice car and i guess house, but he was a total ASSHOLE!!!! and JERK! he was liek spiting in front of patty and she hates it and she told him to stop to soo ya and i was pretty hyper from the drink( it's really big), but ya Jenny ended up sleeping over, patty got in trouble SRY =( with her mom i felt really bad ,

MON jenny me my mom and my aunt went to see In Good Company it was good and out to breakfest and shopping jenny had to leave early cuz of HW but we stayed liKe all day at the mall

Naughty Girl by Beyonce

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I'm callin all my girls
We're gonna turn this party out
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2004 was your year! You felt sexy as hell - and it showed.

2 Flip Thier Hair
[16 Jan 2005|01:13pm]
not to be the rain on ur sunny day but myspace are soo much cooler

OMG i have like the best friends in the world!!!

3 Flip Thier Hair
[09 Jan 2005|12:37pm]
writer's block
God damn prewrite for my essay .....................................

the lead singer for the killers is soo HOTT!!!

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