..:::Heather:::.. (iheartwontons) wrote,

wow last night was soo F'n fun

first we went bowling that was fun umm it was cory Bryan me and patty
we came back  to my house umm my parents were going out to a club for the night, then jenny came over and joined our group, my parents left with ther onturage  . from there it just got better hhahahah
"jenny I <3 u" patty,  thanks 4 kickn' the boys out other wise they would stilll be here hahahahahahahaha and lot of other things =P!!! if u weren't there i would be in deep shit =D! soo thanx=D

Patty thanks for the umm.... "poopie!!" hahaha

Cory thanks for umm nothing....... jerk hehehe letting me bowl for u hawhawhaw hawhawhaw  Y jajajajajaja

Bryan thank for the "water" or "special snapple" the hot tub experience hah can't wait to c the pictures hahaha there gonna be soo stupid
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