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hey kiddies, wow i havent been on this thingy om a long ass time , well life is all good, i got invited to be a forgien exchange student, for liek 20 days , in italy and france , which i think is totally awesome =DD, and i really wanna do , hahah i dont think theres a drinking age in italy =P!! + hanging out with hot european boys im down =DD

im going to palm springs this weekend, for tanning and shopping , i guess according to my hairdresser palm springs has one of the best outlets malls EVER!! which im like hella excited 4 , then pretty much as soon as i get home from palm springs i got to disneyland till wedsnesday with my amiga =D

OMG i have a job 2, at whole foods in woodland hills ( on ventura and cangoa) ya think im training next week soo ya thats exciting,i make bank =D , ya i think after the first few months im going shopping at south coast plaza( in newport) my fav mall ,it has everything u could imagine(Jimmy choo, Chanel, Louis V, Lacoste, Coach, Nordstroms, Macy's, Dior, Mac,and a bunch of other stores aww o how i ♥ it )
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