..:::Heather:::.. (iheartwontons) wrote,


yesterday i got out of school ealry cuz i had a hair appt , cuz im just that cool...( a lot of ppl on mon. r gonna be really suprised) =P uumm then i was supose to go to the movies with nelson but i couldn't, because after all i could go snowboarding and we had to leave for snowboarding at like 5:30 in the morning. OMG i liek only got 5 hrs of sleep , man i felt like i couldn't function.. OMG the snow KICK MY ASS TOTALLY.. haha but it was fun i mean after a while i got the hang of it but haha i liek only went on liek the really easy slopes, my head is throbbing still.... aghhh waiting for the medicing to kick in =( my knees are hot pink their gonna be soo brused in the moring .................it was soo worth it though!! =D
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